Welcome to the Upper Shore Regional History Day

Important Dates & Times

Welcome to Upper Shore Regional History Day!



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Contest Date: 
Saturday, March 7, 2020

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Washington College


Contest Disclaimer:

National History Day and Upper Shore Regional History Day do not censor Contest entries based upon content. This means that the views and opinions expressed in student entries are those of the students and/or the sources cited in their projects. They may not and often do not represent the views or opinions of National History Day, Inc. or its donors, sponsors, supporters, partners, or affiliates

Upper Shore Regional History Day Student Page

Welcome students! This page will provide you with information to help you through every step in the NHD process. If you have specific questions, please contact your teacher!


How to Create an NHD Project: A Step-by-Step Guide


Choosing a Topic

2020 Theme Book - Breaking Barriers in History

2020 Theme Narrative - Breaking Barriers in History

Historical Context Graphic Organizer


Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Topics

Maryland Historical Society Topics

Morgan State University Topics

Reginald F Lewis Museum Topics

Thinkport Inquiry Kit Topics

Pride of Baltimore Topic - Privateers


Conducting Research

The Research Process, Step-by-Step

Helpful Research Links

Enoch Pratt Library Research Toolkit

NMAACH Resources


Maryland Historical Society Open Access Saturdays

October 12, November 2, November 16

NMAAHC Workshops

September 28, October 19, November 16


Creating an Entry

There are five different types of projects that you can complete for History Day. Documentaries, Exhibits, Performances, and Websites can be done as a group or individually. Papers may only be done individually. Take a look at the guidebooks, rules checklists, and evaluation rubrics for each type of project below to see what you might be interested in. After your work is underway, refer back to these guides to keep you on track.


Exhibit Performance

Documentary Guide Book

Documentary Rules Verification

Documentary Evaluation Rubric

Exhibit Guide Book

Exhibit Rules Verification

Exhibit Evaluation Rubric

Performance Guide Book

Performance Rules Verification

Performance Evaluation Rubric


Paper Website

Paper Guide Book

Paper Rules Verification

Paper Evaluation Rubric

Website Guide Book

Website Rules Verification

Website Evaluation Rubric

Upper Shore Regional History Day Teacher's Page

Welcome teachers and school staff! Whether you are a seasoned NHD mentor, or this is your first contest year, this page can provide you with the most important information to help you get started!

Overview Documents and Resources


New to NHD?

Why NHD Works

HELP! I'm a New NHD Teacher: 4-Part Video Series

Contest Rule Book







2020 NHD Resources

2020 Theme Book - Breaking Barriers in History

2020 Theme Narrative

Maryland Humanities 2020 Flash Drive Resources



Professional Development/Workshops

Maryland Huamnities Professional Development Request

Maryland Humanities Classroom Visits - Request for Student Assistance


Judge Main Page

Thank you for your time and expertise in dedication to our students! As a judge in the Upper Shore Regional History Day competition, there are many things to consider. This page is designed to help you understand National History Day, the judging process, and specific information relative to the Upper Shore Regional contest.

Please take some time to look through all of the materials carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Crise or Thomas Hayman, USRHD contest coordinators, at thomas.crise@qacps.org or thomas.hayman@qacps.org. You can also reach out to our contest Judge Coordinator, Lindsee Harrell at lindsee.harrell@qacps.org

It's not just a day, it's an experience!

Thank you for your interest in the Upper Shore Regional History Day competition. The competition's success depends upon enthusiastic volunteers to serve as judges. Are you a history enthusiast, college or university instructor, K-12 teacher, curator, archivist, or historic sites manager? Anyone with an interest in history and a willingness to encourage children as they explore and practice historical research is welcome to volunteer as a History Day judge. Please complete your registration if you would like to be a judge.

As a volunteer judge, you will be asked to attend a brief orientation and training workshop on the morning of the competition. During the orientation session you will meet the rest of your judging team and receive instructions for the judging process and the day's anticipated timeline. History Day is a fast paced event that requires flexibility and good humor and we thank you in advance for your assistance making this a positive and memorable experience for volunteers and students alike. Although we encourage judges to remain for the awards ceremony, it is not required.

Upper Shore Regional History Day Judge Oreintation...coming soon.

This document will be posted soon and will provide a full overview of the process of judging at History Day. Please review this document very carefully before March 7, and reach out to lindsee.harrell@qacps.org if you have any questions.



Detailed Judging Rubric

This judging rubric can help inform your work in scoring student projects. 



Sample Score Sheets - The sample score sheets linked below reflect the pages you will complete for each project you evaluate. Scoring sheets will be provided for you on the day of the contest. 

Documentary Sample Score Sheet

Exhibit Sample Score Sheet

Paper Sample Score Sheet

Performance Sample Score Sheet

Website Sample Score Sheet

Upper Shore Regional History Day looks for volunteers to help with all aspects of the competition. This is a great option for your spare time and to build your resume.  Service Learning hours will be offered to student volunteers.  Help with registration, be a campus guide, help with clean up.  We can use your individual talents in many ways!



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